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Wealth Management

If you do not have a relationship with an investment advisor, LandMark can implement your investment choices on a fee basis. They do this as professionally as they do everything else, by making sure that your investment plan is coordinated with your strategic financial plan and oriented towards your specific goals.

LandMark's Financial Planners and Advisors anre registered with Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp. and follow Lincoln’s philosophy regarding their clients' investment portfolios is characterized by three fundamental beliefs:

  • Prudent investors should be adequately compensated for the risks they assume.
  • Prudent investors should be positioned for a reasonable probability of success relative to their goals.
  • Prudent investors should not be exposed to potentially avoidable catastrophic risks.

Not every family fits into the same box, neither should your investments.  Lincoln Financial Advisors provides LandMark with an open platform to find the most appropriate type of investment solutions for their clients.  Depending on your preferences and needs, we can offer mutual fund and exchange traded fund platforms, unified managed accounts, separate account managers as well as brokerage services.

For most investment services, a predetermined fee is deducted from the investment account on a regular basis. The amount of the fee depends on the type of investment platform and may decrease as the amount of assets invested increases. Investment management program fees do not include any strategic planning or financial advisory services.